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Sound-Treck Europe

Upcoming Episodes: Norway, Greece, Hungary

In research for a European Sound we embark for a road trip upon a journey across our continent to explore the cosmos of folk music. Each episode is guided by a renowned European musician as a “sound guide” who assures encounters with musician that are between equals. Through the eyes and ears of the “sound guide” the audience will experience pure music and authentic artists on a very personal level.

“Nations have hymns, people have songs” – with this thought in mind we will discover the traditional sounds and in the same time we will be responsive to the music inherent subjects that are functioning as a mirror to our society. Folk music provides a sense of identity and ‘home’, but it is also a field of experimentation for young musicians. 

Beyond dusty clichés and stylized folk nostalgia, this modern – not least cross-medially designed – music/travel format sets out to provide a close-up experience of the power of music. Folk music is local world music, which makes it tailor-made for a ‘sound trek’ across Europe.

Production Date: 2020

Produced by EuroArts in in co-production with WDR/ARTE